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Life-cycle Planning
Electronics and technology systems are rapidly evolving.  Separately or in conjunction with design projects, Stratus Group will plan for future technologies, scheduled maintenance and incremental upgrades.  This approach predicts long-term costs and keeps the systems current with advancements gradually, thus significantly delaying the requirement for a major overhaul.

Existing System Evaluation
Stratus Group’s expert team is uniquely qualified to evaluate existing systems.  We will provide a detailed summary including infrastructure capabilities and limitations, existing system testing, and reliability forecast.  With this knowledge, options will be provided to keep what works, incorporate beneficial new technologies, or more extensive renovation if necessary.

Multi-home Strategy
Many of Stratus Group’s clients enjoy calling various locations in this world Home. Home may be a mountain ski retreat, private yacht, remote island residence, or other unique properties.  We will work with the client and their estate manager or family office to incorporate existing system evaluations and life-cycle planning to gradually (or rapidly) update and unify technologies at each property. 

• an intuitive and consistent control experience at each property relieves the hassle of having to remember or relearn controls
• improved reliability, performance, and security
• long-term time and cost savings
• less property down-time with small incremental improvements vs. full technology refresh
• increased privacy by having only one firm discreetly directing communications and information.

System Optimization
For high-performance music and screening rooms, Stratus Group’s expert calibrator has the capability to perfectly optimize various top-end audio and video systems to their highest potential.